What does your front door colour say about you?

At St.Ives, we know a thing or two about doors. We’ve fitted them in homes all over Cornwall and fulfilled a wide range of design, size, and colour requests — so you could say we’re the South West door experts.

As the saying goes, there’s something new behind every door. And for us, that’s insider knowledge about what homeowners are hoping to convey with their different door colours.

Of course, you can’t know everything about someone from the colour of their door. But it can completely change the feel of a home. How? As your front door is the first thing visitors and potential buyers notice when they approach your home, you could say it’s the first part of your home’s first impression. A high-quality, well-maintained, and characterful door can really set the scene for how people perceive your property.

In this article, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on door colours. In a colourful conundrum? Read on!

What does your front door colour say about you?

Front door colour ideas

Getting a new front door? Thinking about painting your current one? Your front door is such a permanent fixture that the prospect of changing things up can be daunting. It’s understandable if you’re not sure what to do.

Of course, your life isn’t going to drastically alter when you change your door, but it’s something you’re going to want to get right. Take a walk around your local area to get some inspiration, check out sites such as Pinterest, and browse our brochure for some fresh ideas.

This article will get you thinking about what’s a good choice for you, but if you’re still stuck, give us a call.

What colour front door is lucky?

If you want to choose a “lucky” front door colour, you’ll get a different suggestion depending on who you ask.

Different cultures regard specific colours as lucky, unlucky, or associated with good fortune in one way or another. For instance, many people in China and India use bright red in their home or to adorn their bodies and pets as it signifies love, happiness, and prosperity.

If you have ancestors who hail from various parts of the world, you could research what’s lucky in these places. Someone in your family might even have a colour that they’ve always found to be lucky. So why not ask around? It might work for you too!

What colour front door sells houses?

If you’re not too bothered about which colour door you have, you might find it tempting to choose the most appealing colour to potential buyers. This isn’t a bad plan if you’re hoping to sell your house soon, but it does lead to another question — which door colour sells homes?

As different coloured doors look good with different homes, there is no strict answer. Still, what we can say is that a significant proportion of the doors we manufacture and fit are white, showing it to be a popular choice amongst new homeowners.

A good coat of white looks classy and chic. Plus, even if the people looking at your home won’t stick with the white, it’s so inoffensive that it’s unlikely to put them off buying your home.

We think white looks particularly good with the fresh aesthetic of new-build properties. However, if you have an older, traditional-looking home, a white front door can be the perfect frame for eye-catching stained glass windows.

What colour front door goes with brown windows?

If you have brown window frames, whether they’re wooden or uPVC, you’re going to want a front door colour that complements the yellow or red undertones in your frames.

We think brown front doors are a good match for brown windows. But if you want to go for a contrasting colour to complement it, we recommend a deep natural green, a striking black, or clean and crisp white.

Other colours

Yellow front doors

Some people may be nervous about yellow (it is a striking colour after all!). Still, the right shade can add an artistic pop of colour to the right house.

If you have a lush front garden brimming with deep green plants (and maybe some yellow flowers like daffodils), a yellow door can make your property appear bright and cheery. If the front of your home has red brick or catches the morning sun, even better. The red tones and warm light will lift your yellow door to new aesthetic heights.

What’s more, we tend to associate yellow with spring, festivals, and new beginnings, so it’s sure to foster a happy atmosphere around your home.

Blue front doors

If none of the other colours appeal so far, how do you feel about your house being ‘the one with the blue door’?

There are tons of stunning shades of blue to choose from, so even though it seems like a slightly unconventional choice, don’t worry. You will be able to find the right tone for your property.

Go for ultramarine blue for a touch of Georgian grandeur. Want something fresh and less ‘statement’? Opt for a lighter blue.

If you live on the coast, a blue door can be an aesthetic nod to your surrounding environment. If you don’t, and it’s just your favourite colour — to be honest, that’s as good enough reason as any.

Green front doors

Green front doors are becoming more and more popular as we try to establish a connection with nature in our evermore urbanised lives.

A soft, deep, or natural-toned green can ground your home in the natural world and tie it into your flourishing front garden. Plus, green helps bring out the earthy tones in your brick. It looks great with brass accents, like handles and letterboxes.

In our experience, green is often found on heritage homes and looks good with traditional sash windows.

Want to talk it over?

Still on the fence about door colour? We’re always happy to share our advice over the phone. If you’d like to run your ideas by us, give us a call or drop by our Hayle showroom, where we can even show you some door colour examples.

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