Is it worth replacing my conservatory roof?

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Is it worth replacing my conservatory roof?

Is it worth replacing my conservatory roof?

If you want to use your conservatory all year round, then you’ll need to make sure that your conservatory roof is up to scratch. Have you noticed that your conservatory is unusable in the summer or winter? Well, a replacement conservatory roof could solve your problems.

Why does my conservatory get so cold in the winter and hot in the summer?

A conservatory allows you to easily bring the outdoors indoors, but sometimes the useful extra space and pleasing views come at a cost.

Traditional glazed roofs allow the light to flood into your home to create a bright and airy space. Nevertheless, if your conservatory is old, then it might be made from single-glazing or ageing polycarbonate. These are poor insulators that fail to retain heat efficiently and amplify temperature extremes.

While in winter, a lack of insulation means that heat can escape through the roof. Equally in summer, the sun’s rays shine through the glass, making it too warm for comfortable lounging.

There are a few things that you can do to tackle these problems, but you’ll want to avoid spending too much money on temporary fixes. While blinds, fans and conservatory heaters may help for a while, you might find yourself disappointed in the long term and looking for a permanent solution.

Why should I replace my conservatory roof?

If your conservatory is difficult (and pricey) to heat in winter and tedious to keep cool in summer, then you might think that the cons of keeping it outweigh the pros of the extra light and views. However, before you decide to get rid of your conservatory altogether, consider replacing your conservatory roof. Whatever your budget, you can soon have an energy efficient structure that you can use throughout all seasons and for many years to come.

There are a range of replacement roof options available to make your conservatory a highly functional asset to your home — let’s take a l

What is the best replacement Conservatory roof?

When choosing the best replacement roof for you, you’ll need to consider the style of your conservatory, your budget, and how you intend to use the space. Here are a few popular options and the key points you need to know:


If you have a smaller budget, polycarbonate is the most affordable choice that still offers most of the advantages of glass. Multi-chamber polycarbonate is now installed instead of the traditional material, providing much more insulation and greater value for money.


With today’s advanced glass technology, there’s no reason why your conservatory can’t be a comfortable all-season space for your family. Whether you opt for double glazing or triple glazing, an upgrade (which could have a U value as low as 0.8) will greatly improve your thermal efficiency.

At St.Ives Windows, we also offer a range of glass options for you to customise your conservatory. While self-cleaning glass will mean your roof won’t need constant cleaning, UV filter glass will prevent the sun’s rays from damaging your much-loved furniture. Moreover, if you’re concerned about making your conservatory a quiet space, installing Stadip Silence laminate will ensure your space is kept as peaceful as can be. You might also want to consider super energy-efficient glass for that extra level of insulation.

All this technology means that you don’t have to choose between style and usability — your conservatory can have it all!


The weight considerations of tile means it hasn’t been the traditional go-to material for conservatories. Nevertheless, things have changed and we’re proud to say that our lightweight tile options are now even more weight-efficient than glass. Making the switch isn’t difficult either, as they can be retrofitted to your existing structure.

If thermal efficiency is your priority, solid roof solutions should be the obvious choice for your upgrade. Not only can they make your conservatory feel like a true extension to your home, if you choose to match them to the existing tiles on your home you can create a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. What’s more, the permanent feel that a tiled roof creates is fantastic if you’re hoping to turn your conservatory into a dining room or home office.

Ultraframe hybrid roofs

If you want to take advantage of the latest technologies, then an Ultraframe hybrid roof is the premium choice. Our Livin Roof and Ultraroof options allow you to mix and match a tiled roof with glazed panels or Velux style windows so you can benefit from a combination of styles. This is certainly something to consider if you don’t want to choose between the charm of a bright and airy traditional conservatory and the functionality of a solid roof.

If you’d like to add an aesthetic touch or increase your lightflow, then opt for an Ultrasky lantern or flat skylight roof. They will give your thermally efficient conservatory an ultra-modern edge and create a bright and airy space.

How hard is it to replace a conservatory roof?

A conservatory roof replacement is usually quite straightforward, but just how easy and quick the process is will depend on a few factors.

Replacing your conservatory roof should be unproblematic if it falls within the current permitted development rights. To be on the safe side, notify your local authority building control team about your plans. They’ll be able to tell you whether your solid roof replacement and its supporting structure is fully compliant with current Building Regulations. Just keep in mind that this is good to know before you start any work!

It can take just six hours to install an Ultraroof from start to finish, allowing you to upgrade your space in less than a day. We’ll need to conduct a full survey before commencing work, but with that out of the way we can work quickly and efficiently on construction day. The most cost and time efficient upgrade will be to replace your roof like for like, but a new solid roof can still be easily retrofitted to any suitable structure.

Can you insulate a conservatory roof?

If you’re experiencing heat loss from your conservatory, insulating the roof is the best way to fix this. Nevertheless, it’s crucial that you do this safely and efficiently.

In our experience, DIY conservatory roof insulation is usually a bad idea. Generally, it results in a roof that is inefficient and makes your space less attractive. Not only this, it could also make your conservatory unsafe for use. Even if you’re on a tight budget, we always recommend investing in a new conservatory roof. A multi-chambered polycarbonate roof won’t break the bank and will provide you with a high-performing, cost-effective solution.

If you want the best insulation, a tiled roof conservatory is the way to go. With a layer of tiling, a layer of insulation, and a plastered vaulted ceiling, the warmth in your conservatory won’t be going anywhere. Tiled roofs can withstand even extreme weather conditions and provide unrivalled thermal efficiency all year round.

How else can I upgrade my conservatory?

Investing in a new roof is just one way that you can upgrade your conservatory. There are a few other low-cost ways you can improve your structure to make it the best that it can be.

Consider getting new seals that will reinforce your window’s thermal efficiency. Or, if you have a bit more to spend, perhaps take a look at installing high-performance replacement glass and conservatory doors. To change up the look of the outside of your conservatory, you can simply widen the fascia. This would also provide space for you to hang outdoor lights for a festive and cosy atmosphere!

Whatever functionality you’re looking for or ambiance you want to create, we can provide you with a bespoke upgrade solution for your conservatory using the latest technologies.


When should I replace my conservatory altogether?

While we’ve spoken a lot about upgrades, it’s worth mentioning that in some instances it might be better to replace your old conservatory altogether. Conservatories installed a long time ago (you can ask us about this if you’re unsure) usually have an average life expectancy of just ten years. After this time your old conservatory will probably need so many upgrades that it will be more cost-effective to treat yourself to an entirely new structure that will last for decades.

Glazing technology is much better than it used to be. In addition to modern installation methods, this means that modern conservatories are now designed to last twenty five years or more. Your taste and functionality requirements might have also changed since you installed your old conservatory, but we can build your new one to your exact specifications. Whichever glazing, doors, fascia and roof you want, we can install them as part of your new conservatory.

Your bespoke conservatory will be carefully manufactured by us in our state of the art South West facility. Our high standards mean that your traditional Victorian or modern tiled roof conservatory will last for years to come and perform with excellent thermal efficiency.

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