How to know when your windows need replacing


We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but windows don’t last forever. And while you might never have replaced yours, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to.

Old windows don’t just ‘look old’, their age can also show as a decrease in efficiency, an increase in energy bills, condensation issues, chilly draughts… The list goes on!

Want the lowdown on signs that your windows need replacing? Read on. As experts in all things windows, we’ll be sharing our insider knowledge.

How to know when your windows need replacing

Increased energy bills

Are your energy bills higher now than they used to be (and for no obvious reason)? The mystery might end with your windows…

It’s no secret. Old windows are poor insulators. They just don’t do a good job of retaining the warm air inside your home. 

If your panes are over 20 years old, the warmth in your home will have an easier time escaping through the panes. Not only this, but cold air might be sneaking inside too. As more energy is required to maintain a constant warm temperature throughout your house, you’ll notice high energy bills — which isn’t great for your wallet or the planet!

If you’ve noticed higher energy bills in the last few years (perhaps alongside a few of our other tell-tale signs), you could probably do with replacing your windows with new double (or triple) glazed panes.

At CTG Windows, we custom make all of our windows at our South West factory and use A-rated double glazing as standard. So, whether you’re looking for new French, Sash, or Tilt & Turn windows, you can be sure that your new panes will be made to the highest standards.


Windows difficult to open and close

Sure, stiff windows are frustrating, but they’re also incredibly dangerous! This might sound like an exaggeration but think about it. If there’s a fire in your home and you can’t open your windows, how are you going to escape?

Safety hazards aside, even if your windows are just difficult to close you’re bound to suffer from draughts. Minor weaknesses in your window seals can ruin their energy efficiency, which, again, can make your energy bills skyrocket.

Even if your difficult-to-open or close windows are just a minor inconvenience right now, the problem isn’t going to get any better. Invest in high-quality replacement windows before you experience a real issue.


Windows warping or showing signs of rot

If water is collecting around your old wooden windows, expect mould problems soon. Mould is unsightly and bad for your health — no questions about it. But it can also be a death sentence for the affected window. 

Why? Mould leads to rot. And if that’s left untreated, your frames will suffer irreversible damage.

You’ll need to tackle mould and rot as soon as you notice it. Or if your windows are too far gone already, the only permanent solution is to get new windows. 

Just to add to the good news, moisture can also make your windows warp. If this happens, that’s right — it’s new window time!


Your house is less soundproof

If you have high-quality, double-glazed windows, then you shouldn’t hear much sound from the street. Or at least, it shouldn’t be bothersome.

If you are hearing lots of noise (and don’t live on a particularly busy road) your windows might be past their prime. 

Double-glazed windows reduce noise transmission as the argon-filled gap between the panes acts as a barrier between your home and the outside world. Windows that are single-glazed or have issues with their seal can’t carry out this function.

New double glazing is a must if you want your home to be quiet and peaceful. Why? As it contains two panes of glass and has an Argon-filled gap between them, noise has a tougher time getting through. It’s that simple. If you want to drastically reduce outside noise, then talk to us about our Stadip Silence laminate. 


You can feel draughts coming through the window frame

Inefficient windows lead to high energy bills. Yes, we have already discussed this! But it’s worth mentioning the cause of this inefficiency — worn down seals.

If the seal in a window frame isn’t doing its job, then cold air can easily enter your home. And if you stand next to your window, you might feel this as a draught.

Think this is the case with one of your windows? Replace the seal (as a temporary solution) before replacing your windows — the only long-term fix. 


Windows leak in rainy weather

If rain is getting through your windows, again, there’s probably a problem with the seal. 

What can you do about it? While a temporary fix might help the situation in the short term, the only long-term solution is new windows. Don’t postpone it — get it sorted and you’ll thank yourself later!


There is condensation between your glass panes

Are you noticing fog on your windows that you can’t wipe away from the outside or inside? Well, you’re not seeing things, you have what’s called a “blown seal” in your double glazed window.

You’re more likely to notice this in winter, as warm air inside your house hits the extra cold outer pane and condenses in the middle of your window.

This air seal between the panes is crucial as it traps insulative Argon gas between the glass and prevents moisture from entering the space. A blown seal means that the Argon escapes and air and moisture can get in.

Why does this happen? It can be a result of an error in the manufacturing process (making it all the more important to buy from a reputable provider), but impact can also be to blame. Think about whether they’ve ever been damaged.

Unfortunately, you really can’t fix this issue (even just temporarily) without replacing your windows. 


How we can help

If you’re tired of your old, faulty windows and ready to replace your panes, then call us to discuss your options. You can also see our window styles in-person at our Hayle showroom or through our online brochure.

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