What colour should window frames be?

We’ll admit it — the colour of window frames isn’t something you might have spent much time thinking about. You generally just inherit the window frame colour when you buy the house, right?. But, changing your window frame colour can transform the kerb appeal of your home. 

Here at CTG, we’re window-colour evangelists. We understand that your window frame colour is up to you – it’s your house, after all! However, we’ve also been around long enough to know just how good the right-coloured window frame can look on a home.

What’s more, our extensive range of colours and finishes means you’ve plenty of options, with two of our most popular choices even available for the same cost as standard white frames. Even if you’ve only a passing interest — why not give us a call today? We’ll talk you through what colour could be right for you depending on the look you’re going for.

What colour should window frames be?

What are the different types of window frame?

First, though, we should start at the basics. The colour of frame you choose will have to take into account the window frame design, as well as the overall aesthetic profile of your home. Here’s a quick recap of the types of window frame we stock.

Standard in most modern homes are casement windows. Usually the cheapest to install, these are side-hung windows, though “awning” top-hung windows are available. They come in many shapes and sizes. So-called “flush” casement windows are virtually the same design, but are fitted flush to the wall so they don’t protrude from the face of your home, offering a sleek and modern look. 

If you live in an older property, especially one in a conservation area, you might have sash windows. These consist of two or more panels of glazing that move vertically on a pulley mechanism by acting as each other’s counterweights. Ingenious! These windows can hark back romantically to eras gone by, but can still look good in striking modern colours.

We also offer bay and bow windows, tilt-and-turn windows and French windows. Bay windows maximise living space, as well as looking stylish in nearly every colour. Tilt and turn windows are ergonomic and modern, and look almost Scandinavian in wood-grain or grey finishes. French windows, on the other hand, benefit from clean white or bold dark colours.

What window frame colours are available?

At CTG, we offer three frame colour options as standard. There’s the ever-dependable white, but we also offer two realistic wood-grain finishes for those who like a more rustic touch at a reasonable price. Last century, faux-wood windows might have looked cheap and been prone to peeling or discoloration, but modern wood grain finishes are seriously convincing. You can check out our catalogue or visit our showroom for some examples.

Moving slightly up in price, we’re pleased to offer eleven separate wood-pattern colours in our premium range. Woodgrain white, for instance, completely convincingly mimics the traditional painted-wood appearance of sash windows. What’s more, they won’t need anywhere near as much annual TLC to keep them in tip-top shape. In addition, we stock cream, rustic cherry, irish oak, “anteak”, Chartwell green, grey, green, black/brown, blue and red. Each of these can look dashing on any property. Why not take a closer look?

When it comes to aluminium windows, it’s a slightly different matter. We offer a great many colour finishes for these as well as a natural, goes-with-anything grey. As they are less frequently installed, it’s best to speak to our team about your colour options. As we manufacture all of our windows to order, we’ll almost certainly be able to come up with something you’ll love.

Window frames in conservation areas

Fitting new windows in conservation areas can be tricky. There are a whole heap of rules and regulations to take into consideration. As a rule of thumb, any external changes to the property should match as closely as possible with the original features or theme. This means replacing white painted-wood sash windows with bright red casement windows might not be a good idea, for instance.

However, we have experience working in these areas and can offer helpful advice to keep you within regulation. Whatever you need, our bespoke-designed and well-installed windows will keep your planning hassle to a minimum.

The best window frame colours for your property

We prefer to leave the final say on colour to our customers. 

With that said, we find three different approaches tend to work best. First, there’s good old white — a blank canvas and the go-to for the majority of our customers. White is traditional, it can look sleek and modern, and it sets off the other more eye-catching features of your house from a kerbside view. Also, it may simply be an excellent fit for your home. In properties with lighter-coloured brickwork or facades such as those built from Bath stone, white is the obvious choice. 

This brings us to the second approach: matching. In a house with deep red tones in the brickwork or paint, for example, red-frame windows can look seriously smart. Frames don’t only have to match your home’s looks, however. If you’re ecologically minded or have a more earthy, outdoorsy personality, you might gravitate towards wood-grain finishes.

Finally, an increasingly popular design choice are colours that boldly contrasts with the rest of your house. Here, dark tones like grey and black/brown work best to set your home apart from the rest. 

We’ve found each customer’s home has a personality all of its own. If you’re unsure about the colour of the frames you’d like, it’s best to contact us for a chat. We’re also happy to organise a home visit, where you can see for yourself detailed pictures or even material samples to help you make a decision.

Happy window-shopping!

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