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Double Glazing in Hayle & Cornwall

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Double Glazing in Hayle & Cornwall

Is your home colder than you would like or letting in draughts? Then, our double glazing may be the solution for you. Not only is it energy efficient, but it will also reduce your energy bills and noise pollution. Regardless of where you live in Hayle, Cornwall, or the surrounding area, you are sure to notice a difference.

Secure & Insulating Double Glazing

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With our industry-leading double glazing, you will be able to enjoy countless benefits. Not only will it provide A+ rated thermal insulation for your Hayle or Cornwall home, but it will also provide security.

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Energy Efficient

Our double glazing is high-performance and will keep your home comfortable all year round. It also eliminates draughts from your Hayle or Cornwall property.


Our double glazing makes it harder for intruders to break in, so you can have peace of mind knowing that they will protect you and your Hayle or Cornwall property.

Finance Options

We offer flexible monthly payments, interest-free credit, and buy now/pay later for our double glazing, with no finance required.

Lifetime Guarantee

Because of our high-quality double glazing, we provide you with a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee on your double glazing.

Customisation Options

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There are numerous benefits of double glazing, the most well-known being that double glazing is a good thermal insulator and will keep your home naturally warmer. With the increasing costs of living, there is more demand for homes that have double glazing as they will have lower heating bills.

Additionally, double glazing excels at noise insulation and will reduce any noise pollution. Double glazing also adds security to your home, as the additional glass makes it more difficult and time-consuming for intruders to smash your window.

triple glazed helston free pricing

Double vs Triple Glazing

A commonly asked question is whether to pick double or triple glazing, but this depends on your specific situation.

Double glazing is a more affordable option, and while triple glazing is more effective at insulation, noise reduction, and security, it may also be unnecessary if you do not live in an area that faces extreme cold and noise pollution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I replace my double glazing?

Over time, your double glazing will become less thermally efficient, and you should think about replacing your double glazing. If you replace your old windows with our thermally efficient double glazing, then your home will become draught-proof, cost-effective, secure, and warm.

What exactly is double glazing?

Double glazing features two glass panes that are divided and filled with argon gas. Due to its density, argon prevents heat from migrating, resulting in better thermal insulation.

Over time, your energy bills will decrease. Your property will feel warmer, and you can use the money you saved for other essential home improvements.

Will double glazing make my home quieter?

Sound waves can move through glass without much trouble. Our double glazing solves this by using two panes of glass filled with argon gas to reduce noise penetration into your home.

Will double glazing reduce condensation?

Yes, it will. Condensation is caused by warm air striking a cool plane of glass. With single glazing, the contrast between the air inside your home and the cold pane of glass is stark.

The argon in double glazing blocks heat transfer from one pane to the other. This means the inner pane will be much warmer than the outer one, resulting in less condensation.

What gap is best for double glazing?

It’s the gap between the panes that makes double glazing so effective. In our experience, we’ve found a 28mm gap between the glass layers is the most effective. That’s why we offer this as standard. 

What’s the lifespan of double glazing?

How long it lasts depends on many variables. Generally, double glazing works at optimal efficiency for 20-30 years. To increase longevity, make sure you appoint trusted installers to fit your windows and carry out some essential maintenance.

If your inner pane is cold or you notice draughts coming through the frame, then your double glazing may be compromised. 

How much is double glazing?

It is difficult to provide a price for your double glazing as various factors contribute to the overall costs. The best way to get a price is to call us at 01736 754825.

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