uPVC Doors in Penryn

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uPVC Doors in Penryn

In the picturesque town of Penryn, uPVC doors are becoming increasingly popular. Known for their durability, style, and energy efficiency, these doors are a staple in many homes and businesses. Here at CTG Windows, we are proud to be a leading supplier of these doors, offering quality products and excellent customer service. Our doors are not only stylish but also incorporate advanced technical features, ensuring security, durability, and energy efficiency.

Secure & Stylish uPVC Doors

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One of the main advantages of uPVC doors is their high level of security. These doors are fitted with multi-point locking systems, providing maximum protection against break-ins. In addition to their security features, uPVC doors are also stylish. With a range of designs, colours, and finishes available, these doors can complement any property style, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. At CTG Windows, we offer a wide variety of uPVC doors, catering to different tastes and property styles. From classic designs to modern aesthetics, we have a uPVC door for every home or business.

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Energy Efficient

Our uPVC doors are high-performance and will keep your home comfortable all year round. They also eliminate draughts from your Penryn property.

High Security

Our uPVC doors are durable and come with security features, so you can have peace of mind knowing that they will protect you and your Penryn property.

Finance Options

We offer flexible monthly payments, interest-free credit, and buy now/pay later for our uPVC doors, with no finance required.

Lifetime Guarantee

Because of our high-quality uPVC doors, we are confident enough to provide you with a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee on your uPVC doors.

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Durability & Insulation

uPVC doors are known for their durability and longevity. These doors can withstand harsh weather conditions, as they are made from pure grade material to prevent fading,  making them an ideal choice for properties in Penryn. The material used in uPVC doors is resistant to rotting, warping, and fading, ensuring that the doors maintain their appearance and functionality for many years. Penryn’s coastal location exposes properties to harsh weather conditions, making uPVC doors a preferred choice due to their weather-resistant properties. These doors can withstand salty sea air, strong winds, and heavy rainfall, ensuring longevity and performance. uPVC doors have excellent insulation properties. These doors can effectively prevent heat loss during the winter and keep the heat out during the summer, contributing to energy efficiency. By choosing uPVC doors, homeowners in Penryn can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment while reducing their energy bills.

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Customisation Options

Here at CTG Windows, we offer a range of customisation options for uPVC doors. Whether you prefer a traditional design or a modern look, we can cater to your preferences. From the choice of colour and finish to the type of glass and hardware, you can customise your uPVC door to match your property’s style and your personal taste. Our uPVC doors are also available in a range of frame options and finishing options, allowing for further customisation so that your door can always blend seamlessly into the personality of your Penryn home. Our doors offer security, style, durability, and energy efficiency. Customise your door to match your property’s style. Explore our range and get a free online quote today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are uPVC doors better than timber doors?

This is up to personal preference as both types of doors come with their own benefits. uPVC doors are more affordable upfront. Additionally, they are durable, energy-efficient, require minimal maintenance, and are available in limitless customisation options.

That being said, timber doors are strong and naturally thick, which acts as a natural insulator. However, timber doors require more maintenance and are more expensive upfront, although because they can last longer than uPVC doors if regularly maintained, the overall cost of timber doors may be lower over time.

How safe are uPVC doors?

Our uPVC doors are very safe. uPVC is a rigid form of plastic that does not flex. It is created by mixing chlorine with vinyl polymer to produce a tough and long-lasting material. Our uPVC doors have undergone thorough testing to ensure that they comply with UK safety regulations for quality and safety.

Should I replace the seals in a uPVC door?

The seals in your doors make your Penryn property weatherproof. If you notice that a rubber strip has fallen away from your door, even partially, then it’s time to replace the seal.

To replace the seal, remove the existing seal and follow the instructions for your new seal. Once the new ones are installed, then test your door by opening and closing it. If the movement is fluid, then your seal is properly fitted.

How many years do uPVC doors last?

The lifespan of one of our uPVC doors is typically 30 to 40 years due to the high-quality materials we use. Our front and back doors are built to outlast most others on the market.

By maintaining your door, you will be able to ensure its longevity. Quickly repairing any damage to your door, keeping its hinges lubricated, and testing the door handles periodically to ensure smooth movement will allow you to increase the lifespan of your uPVC door considerably. To keep your uPVC door clean, periodically wipe it down with a warm, soapy sponge or cloth.

How much are uPVC doors?

It is difficult to provide a price for your uPVC door as various factors contribute to the overall costs. The best way to get a price for our uPVC doors is to contact a member of our friendly team at 01736 754825.

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